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Peter Heseltine

Peter John Heseltine, originally from King's Lynn, passed away at Hinchinbrooke Hospital on 14 June 2013, aged 74. Beloved Husband of Lynda, he was the much loved Father to Rachel and Charlotte and adored Granddad to Sophie, Ben and Ellie - and a friend to many.

Born and brought up in Kings Lynn, Peter began to use his spare time as a young man to run both a Jazz Club and become involved with youth work. This then led to him embarking on a Youth Leaders' Course, which in turn resulted in being employed across various parts of the country before being recruited as a Regional Officer with The National Playing Fields Association.

As his experience in children’s play increased, both at home and abroad, he began to see the need to improve both the quality of children’s play and the quality of safety on children’s playgrounds. To address this need he eventually set up his own business under the umbrella of ROSPA and he became a respected expert witness on litigation cases involving injuries to children on playgrounds. Peter also wrote and had published a number of books on subjects including Children’s Play, Playground Design and Safe Play. During the course of his work, he travelled extensively both within the UK and lectured worldwide - which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Peter discovered a new hobby and was soon to be involved with The Monumental Brass Society, where he served in various capacities on Council, carried out much research and was involved with many publications.

It was when he moved to Godmanchester in 1979, with his wife Lynda and 2 daughters, that he became involved within the community. He was soon involved in setting up what has now become the annual fireworks evening and together with Alan Hooker held popular but riotous 'Halloween Evenings' for the primary school children and many will remember the summer Play Scheme which he ran at the school during the '80s.

A great supporter of all aspects of the community, he was a long-term member of GMCCA, served on the PTA and as Clerk to the Governors at the Community School, helped organise barn dances, was a member of the 800 Committee and 'Godmanchester in Bloom', to name but a few.

He was an 'ideas' man, willing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience, and it is a tribute to him that so many younger people remember the fun that they had when they were around him.

Peter Heseltine - 1939-2013


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